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Had to cut holes all in my garage ceiling to fix plumbing, were going to just cover up their work, inspector had to tell them they needed to put in access panel since plumbing had been redone, put in plastic access panel - had to tell them can't put plastic in a fire wall - if fire broke out in garage the plastic would melt in seconds and fire is now into the rest of the house immediately. Franchise owned and operated by California Bath … I'm a professional and do not tolerate such unprofessional conduct; I will NOT do business with such a NON-business/professional-like company. Now I have a shower stall to repair and still waiting to hear from someone. The reps who came to the house were patient and efficient. And we’ll set up a time to come and do an estimate for you or do the measuring.” Then, I got a phone call from one of the Bath Fitter locations and they said, “Hey, we’re running a little bit behind on stuff. I've just had to live with those defects because they wouldn't fix them, and neither Home Depot or Lowes sells the same product. It was my opinion that what she had to show to me was what I needed to renew my master bath shower. My review is related to Bath Fitter of Vancouver, BC, Canada. We are so thrilled to hear our team was able to complete everything to your satisfaction!! I had given my credit card to the last installer and when I never got charged, I figured, good - they did the right thing because the work and service was so bad. And it did. It is getting worse. It's completely Ludacris. Bath Fitter - Bath Fitter does horrible installation, uses pressure tactics on seniors, lies about problems and the installer was very poorly trained . Thank you for all this info/ I just saw this their commercial yet again. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. The house has the original porcelain fixture that they wanted to replace with contemporary fixtures. They came out, gave me, what I thought, was quite a deal, then the day after I gave them a check I had to cancel because of other problems. It was definitely outdated. Made me feel like Bath Fitters thought I was trying to get away with fraud. I never got my bathroom installed. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. We have discovered that some complaints have been posted by saboteurs who never even received Bath Fitter services. I am writing this not out of bitterness, I actually left on good terms. Cheap alternatives to bathtub liners include tub refinishing kits. Port Charlotte, Fl : We had our tub surround done by the Fort Myers franchise after Hurricane Charlie: It was mis- measured from the start, so bad they had to drop the ceiling with a "false" one and cover it to match, the whole thing is held together with 1' deep caulking that turned a mustard yellow after only 6 months and large areas came away from the wall giving a bowed out effect. Our local experts are happy to … It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. Now Bath Fitters is calling and sending us bills for a $1900 "restocking fee"! Initial Bath Fitter Franchising complaints should be directed to their team directly. They are rude and lie, don't return phone calls. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. Some customers file complaints with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and as soon as Bath Fitter hears of these complaints they are immediately addressed and the situations rectified. BathFitters ranks 47th among Bathroom sites. Thank you for your review Mike! Also the left door is very hard to slide. REALLY ? The first two pictures are of the shower Bath Fitter installed. I sent pictures to them, but they couldn't verify that the tub was Bath Fitters (even though they did not question the enclosure, grab rails, corner storage or soap dish. Thank you and have a great day! Customer service contacts and company information. The removal and installation were performed by John ** of Bath Fitter. You will get the original 10% off plus an additional 10%. He just went easy, gave a little bit of time, and he let me select what I wanted. Finally after 3 days I contacted the salesman that came to our home Jim who also is outstanding. The company recommends contacting its representatives for a custom solution and quote. From my experience these customers are satisfied - only after Bath Fitter takes responsibility for their managerial and costly in-home blunders. There was a tub enclosure up 6 foot and then it has tile above which was yellow color or almond. We are so glad to hear our team was able to complete everything to your satisfaction!! The response was that they were keep 25% of our deposit, over $2, 000, 00. A bath fitter is what we call the liner made of acrylic molded sheets, that is placed between the walls of the bathroom and your tub. We needed to redo our bath for my 85 year old dad who could no longer get into a normal tub. I will make another service call to see how far I get and how many calls I have to place to get service. “Everything is possible here at Bath Fitter. @dlv64 They are waiting for more business, but will call a plumbing contractor to do the tenant's bathroom. This was on a Friday and that the original tub I wanted would not be ordered until the next Tues. and would take a week to get here. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Our first hiccup was they never acquire a plumbing permit and tried to put a two inch shower drain reduced down to an 1 1/2 tub drain which is against the plumbing code. And yes, we waited longer than the required 24 hours before using the tub. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. Customers can browse through Bath Fitter’s selection of shelves, soap dishes, towel bars, shower rods, trims and moldings on the company’s website. We really appreciate the quick install turnaround with very minimal disruption to our life. Bath Fitter manufactures and installs custom bathtubs, showers, and tub-to-shower conversions. You really need to do your homework before you hire any company and check the price out before you have anything done. Thank you for your business again! Six months later are you kidding me??? They said for just me to be there it would take over a month for someone to come out but they could come in 2 days for a evening appointment. NOT! In addition, Bath Fitters can provide only one color. The company’s bathtub refinishing products are custom molded to fit over existing fixtures for quick … Bath Fitter Pittsburgh has helped over 35,000 local customers create the bathroom of their dreams. They can kiss my ### because I'm contacting my attorney on this - absolute crap company DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM YOU WILL BE SORRY AND FURIOUS LIKE I AM RIGHT NOW!!! The shower stall now has three cracks in the base and the bathtub wall is coming loose. My installer started the job and the next day was off due to an injury which no one advised me of after making several calls to the main office. They also put two handrails in for me. A “Design Your Own Bathroom” tool lets you design a bathtub or shower with different bases, colors, wall patterns and accessories to see what the finished product will look like. Coupon I had. He arrived and there was an issue with finding the correct shut off for the water. Bath Fitter has completed more than 2 million installations since the company began in 1984. We, like everyone else thought, "Wow one day in and out!" It was suggested that we didn’t lose very much so we should just drop it. The manager would instruct me to handle all complaint calls and "use my best judgement" to resolve them. I actually have someone at my house now for the third or fourth time. Once the 30 days are up I will go to the Bath Fitter's location in Evansville and make my final payment. Installers are paid a measly 7.8% commission rate on installations, which usually average around $1, 000.00 but keep them working on the job until around 7-9 pm. @Shower install It's reassuring to work with pleasant, competent professionals who take pride in their work. I was sent follow-up emails and phone calls about the upcoming appointment. Rochester ny store. Very well finished, the installer Peter had done a great job, later on I found a small crack on one of the glass door, Bath Fitter get a replacement in less than 10 days and has it installed by Daniel ** perfectly. It’s not like I’m mad, but I just kinda feel like I’m being ignored. John was very timely, courteous, professional and efficient. Thank you for your review Joan! We are leaving the country in January for 4 months and can't be here to defend ourselves or counter sue them. It has brightened up our master bath, immensely. I told then don't bother then to which they try to tell me it was for legal reason she needed to be there...What a crock of BS i told them. Laughable. Customer service contacts and company information. I will not be calling them, thank you for sharing. It's an everyday occurrence to have a liner installed crookedly. Alls iI say is wow. The people who knew ended up being the angry, dissatisfied customers who's bathrooms were left in damaged, leaking, shoddy condition for WEEKS waiting for resolutions. Workers make mistakes however management should practice good customer service. Highly recommended. And what we are having done looks much nicer than what we were given by Bath Fitter. Now that we've had problems we checked with a very reputable tile company here and they were more that $1000 less than Bath Fitter. He told us someone would call and take care of these cracks. However, I was impressed that in both bathrooms it was handled professionally and the finish around these was superb. She was nice but very scattered.. Bath Fitter consumer reviews, complaints, customer service. We had 2 bathrooms remodeled in Oct 2020 at a cost just under $10k. I can't say enough about Josh. I will update when it is completed but our salesperson David ** was very personable, down to earth and represented the company very well with confidence and enthusiasm. Me too!! This was all a cluster in January and guess what? Add to this the reputation and value of the products they offer we are looking forward to our install. She told me to read my contract because they can charge for this type of thing. 3 reviews of Bath Fitter "ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMENDED. The salesperson sold me on how and what they could do to my two bathrooms - I initially was happy and excited to have this work done. The day after installation, our carpet layer noticed water in one of the bedrooms. Yes, that unfortunate excuse was actually given. He continued to work into the evening to finish the job. Just so you have an idea, I can recall installers breaking 50 year old porcelain antique bathroom floor tiles and our company never reimbursing, replacing, or repairing them because they were "too old." I also had the floor replaced. We should be suing THEM! As for the shelf, it turns out that Amy the office manager NOR both of the installers knew their job well enough to tell me that the shelf that I asked for is NOT designed to be used with a tub, only for a shower because now the "foot rest" is way too high to get your foot on and the top shelf can only be reached while standing on your tip toes (pretty dangerous in a bath tub). We showed him the shower stall and he took pictures to bring to his office. I cancelled and they kept my deposit of $1, 100. There are many other bath remodel companies to choose from. Wow, just wow! We love it. called me twice to set up a time to come in to get estimate on tub liner only. He had no interest. But the company is short-term in their concepts, following current styles and trends that may be outdated in 10-15 years. The new tub shell and wall are then installed over the existing tub or shower. Well I beg to differ because the sealant around my tub has discolored in spots and looks nasty and I can't get it off. I wish I had read these reviews first would never recommend. Can't even find a shower curtain long enough that I like. I almost tripped and fell. Poor management. Use our fun and interactive tool to design your own bath. After calling the local manager repeatedly, they patched the drywall, but still did not leave a smooth wall. It was outstanding that I’ve taken pictures of it and sent it to my friends and family. You, a better than average person, may approve of that cheap plastic crap. Told them to take my number off their list I'll find someone or something else to get tub done. The issue was with faulty equipment and not Josh. We recently had a tub removed and a new shower enclosure installed at our house in Naples. I had Bath Fitters do a tub and shower wall insert installed at a cost of around $5,000. We are a forward thinking, problem solving, hardworking team here. Now it is September 2nd and they still haven't set an installation date. The company can complete installations in just one day. Very upset, I called Bath Fitter, Burnaby BC office at [protected]. The plastic simulated tile the company uses looks acceptable, but is no real substitute for glazed ceramic tile. The silicone-type grout came loose within a month. Then I got a call from the company about what time the installers would arrive. I'm sure as I read this site's comments that this has happened to MANY PEOPLE. Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you. Have you contacted the location you worked with to do your remodel? Learn more below. So, we went with the acrylic all the way to the ceiling and then the frameless doors. "Oh, it's the plumber's fault, not ours..." The branch manager finally agreed to send out an installer to repair the drywall and ceiling of his kitchen - an 18 year old, fresh out of high school, green handed kid with NO experience in the realm of home repair. Little did we know. I`m sorry I had to read this, when I saw the adv. They stated they were unable to extend the shower wall like the salesman told me they could, for some lazy reason - not what I wanted. We just agreed to use Bath Fitter for our project. I called our sales rep guy back and said, “Hey. This is particularly the case with bathroom fixtures. We look forward to your feedback once everything is completed!! A link has directed you to this review. Nothing like I had ordered. Of course it is usually the "fault of the homeowners floor tiles for not being straight." There were two people who came and they called before almost an hour before they arrived at my door. He was a very personable and polite young man, and I never met people more polite. @Ray Pointer You do the math. I had no access to the bathroom and finally drove to the grocery store and used theirs. Thank you so much for your great review Steven! Both were completed in less than 2 days. She had an attitude from the get go. DO NOT USE THIS a little more money and upgrade with the real thing. Well former employee? I just didn't do my homework or this wouldn't have happened. We are so thrilled to hear Zack was able to go above and beyond to complete everything to your satisfaction. When he was done with the installation, he did an excellent job of cleaning up all his work areas. They told me it would be in the morning and it would take all day. I did notice a few stress cracks directly on the bottom of the tub the other day and reached out to Bath Fitters to see about the 'lifetime' warranty on their products. Time for a class action LAWSUIT! I just think if we stay with what we have we will continue to have problems with the shower. Bath Fitter has locations in the U.S. and Canada, and its factory-trained and certified installation technicians provide homeowners and commercial clients with a demolition-free remodeling solution. A plumber had to be called and could not fix the problem until the next day. That did not happen. I went for a shower and the plaster glass enclosure. This is unacceptable! Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Thank you for your review Antonius! Be careful. I asked our salesman if Bathfitter would compensate us for our loss. He did an excellent job with this process. Looks fabulous. Top notch installation ... We would recommend both Bathfitter ... for any job. As for me, Mr. Average, my standards are much to high to consider that crap. Enter your e-mail to load your saved designs and be one step closer to a bath or shower you'll love! I got a past due bill (1st I've heard from them since) for the 5k for the job. I never received the warranty for the 2nd bath. Thank you for sharing your experience Yves! That's just to good to be true. Not only is the turn over rate absolutely outrageous but installers are only required to complete 6-8 weeks of training - only 3-4 of which are used in a hands-on training facility! While the original back splash, fixtures, and shower door installation were worth $3, 000, the tile replacement job with the same plastic materials was not worth an additional $3, 000 when I was quoted $1, 200. When I was coming out of the shower, I got my foot caught on the tub. The quality of the work done was on target and I have had no problems with it at all. We are so glad to hear everything was completed to your satisfaction!! Schedulers I communicated with for both installation and inspections process were very courteous and efficient. DO NOT USE BATH FITTERS THEY ARE DISHONEST!!! The hours were great and so were the benefits. But to my surprise, a few weeks after the installation, Snap Home Finance sent me a Financing paper, showing that I had to pay them $31.72 a month for 180 months, with 7.95% interest, as my debt with Bath Fitter ! I would to thank Peter and Justin for taking every safety concern with the covid and their knowledge of a high quality job, For doing our tub to shower conversion, I would highly recommend them. @wonhwa After 3 calls some one came to apply a knob on the left-sided door so one can now slide that door to exit the shower. WE LOST $900 FOR NOTHING! I have spoken with many Bath Fitter employees who complain of the very same things I've written here, which is so unfortunate because this company has the potential to be more lucrative and successful than it is. I have been GREATLY disappointed with BATHFITTERS. *Credit Approval and Financing … Bath Fitter - Will not honor lifetime warranty, Bath Fitter - refused to give an estimate unless spouse was home, Bath Fitters - shower installation failure, Bath Fitters - bath fitters and, and flooding house tardy in finishing job. I'm "average people"...I have to say, I would ever consider a plastic tub and plastic faux tiled walls in my bathroom. Ease of Care After your bathroom remodeling project with BATH FITTER is complete, you’ll be happy to find that … Best, Not MY problem!!! @dc000001 Left drywall repairs for my husband to fix, sent one plumber out to do all plumbing work - took him all day on a Saturday with my husband being his helper. I have already recommended your company to a few people. Hi Robert, thank you for sharing your wonderful experience! Very dissatisfied. Desperate times call for treading a thin legal line, apparently. My wife was afraid we couldn't afford a nice tile shower so we chose Bath Fitter thinking it would be cheaper. They took our $900 deposit and told us we had to hire another person/company to remove our existing tub and walls. It remains to be seen whether I'll get proper repairs from Bath Fitters, but--believe me--I WILL get satisfaction one way or another, even if it's only from warning potential customers not to trust them! Bath Fitter’s acrylic tub shells and walls can be installed over existing structures in as little as one day. The hassle alone is not worth it. Very kind and caring. We found a local contractor to change the window within a week with the expectation that we were all set and the work would begin. Does that mean these customers are not entitled to compensation?) By then our 3 day cooling off period for the contract had passed; we had paid Bath Fitters a $900 deposit. There was an ongoing issue with a customers home in which the plumber that BATH FITTER provides (not one the consumer chooses) actually broke a water pipe behind a wall and did not say anything and just left it that way. Bath Fitter - Will not honor lifetime warranty. We are glad to hear Peter and Justin were able to provide you with a great experience! Today, is Monday Nov. 5th and I just sent another text to seller asking when I would receive call setting up appt. There was a lady in Springfield Town Center Mall who was standing near a display on Bath Fitters. The Bath Fitter Process Our team of experts will measure, … In light of all our problems, I was told we could get a free shelf and a free towel bar. We had Bath Fitters replace our tub with a shower liner in March of 2014. I was advised I would need to cover toothbrushes etc. My tub and walls are the standard 60" wide and 30" deep tub alcove. @ JayeRD - Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Other than that your installers are the best and the products look exceptional. They have my $900 deposit and want $1900 restocking fee and are threatening us with a lien on our home. It is surprisingly and unfortunately negative. Bath Fitter of Ft Myers is a sham and a scam. No work done. Wide by 60 inches long, 1 sheet of wainscoting $2000 plastic 12 foot wide by 4 foot tall .. Bath Fitter Reviews and Complaints A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile. Write a review Sign in This happened twice. 344 Bath Fitter reviews. I managed a branch office in the mid-west region, but was not considered to be a branch manager. Had plenty of work done on house without wife being home for estimates.As long as she signs contract that's all that's needed for legal purposes..They just want her here to try to up sell us on stuff thinking she'd be more willing to do more than what we need. He was by far outstanding and very professional. I just wanna know whether we’d plan for this in a week or in six months.” It wasn’t even 10 minutes later that I got a callback from Bath Fitter. The seller said she would send to office for a service call. Everyone is there to help each other. I'd like to mention the installers as they were meticulous in covering my wood floors as they worked in and out of the house and cleaned up any mess caused in the bathrooms from the work. They came right on time. The install did look great at the time besides the hole the installer made in the wall and said nothing about. Thank God I found this reviews. 3 Bath Fitter reviews in Wilmington, NC. Skip the difficult bath remodeling process—BATH FITTER offers beautiful acrylic bathtubs and bathtub liners that go beyond ordinary bathtub resurfacing. I paid more than $8, 000 in 2007 for the local Bath Fitter franchise to install wainscoting/shower liner in my home's main bathroom. All Rights Reserved. Thank you. Went right to work. I wouldn't pay this much thought. If you haven't picked up the trend yet, my main point is that a company's only as successful as the management and employees it hires. The caulk had come away from the walls as well. Two days later a worker came to repair the drywall however he expected us to pay and apply the wall texture. I have personally had multiple opportunities to advance in … They are told to hike the price to an outrageous level and then charm the price down. I told him, “You don’t need to bother taking your shoes off, dude.” “No. And from my experience Bath Fitter fails in both aspects. I wish I would of read the reviews first, I would of never called them. All employees, including installers and office staff are grossly underpaid with expectations from management to take on extreme work loads. And we haven't forgotten about you.” So, I waited 3 more weeks and didn't hear anything. I sure as heck don't have to worry about a void under a tile floor unless the house drops out from under it. So far, it is a year later and no once called. I will update this review if they ever decide to call. We had ZERO work done and they have 900 of our dollars. Please feel free to email our customer service department at [email protected] with some background on this issue, and your contact information - this will allow us to contact your local Bath Fitter store on your behalf. I used bath fitters 10 years ago to replace my shower and tub-it now has cracks and is leaking into the basement Bath Fitters came out to se what the problem was and they told me it would be 975.00 to replace REALLY ? The gal on the phone apologized and said, “Hey, we’ll get you set up, what works for you.” And within a week or so, a schedule was in. My installer was Chris. Some homeowners also choose to use a bath liner that they can install on their own to cut costs. Skip to Job Postings, Search Close Skip to main content Indeed … I bought an older home three years ago the seriously needed the bath/shower back splash and window replaced. I explained to him that after waiting 3 months for the installation to start and finally got started with bathroom being stripped down for installation but no one has returned after day one, and that I had called three times and left messages as to what was going on that finally he was able to have someone contact me on the 4th day to inform me of what happened. Special care is required to maintain the new bathtub or shower, but it provides an affordable upgrade. @PC Home Unsatisfactory service. Bath Fitter(r) is a North America acrylic bathtub, shower enclosure and tub-to-shower conversion company since 1984. Business Details Location of This Business 106 8620 Glenlyon Parkway, … We have had recurring issues with the caulking and they have returned twice to repair it. When we started all this I had said why don't we check about having a tile shower put in. We now have an extremely beautiful tub and shower enclosure. My wife is really impatient and is already calling other contractors, which would necessitate legal action to get a refund of the deposit. They required one third deposit, which was nearly $1900. Josh was very patient and after the previous owner stopped by and showed us the correct shut offs for the bathroom Josh began his work. Be the first one to find this review helpful. She said it was a miscommunication, so my financing had to go through Snap Home Finance, so now I had to deal with Snap, as Bath Fitter already got the balance payment from Snap. I’M being ignored `` estimators '' to reschedule because installer was sick I! Really impatient and is already calling other Contractors, which was nearly $ 1900 `` fee. Had begun in preparation for our job they said no based on each homeowner’s needs homes and commercial in! Today, is Monday Nov. 5th and I just did n't do my homework or this would have... Fitters sealant that will never stain or anything worked and left for.... Tiles for not being straight. had ours for three years ago the seriously needed bath/shower! And who can get it to my friends and family s terms and Conditions,! The Moyen cartridge 3 times until it really worked flopping around and hardly any water pressure tub and! On those areas, the trim they use has gaps at the California State Fair correct. Our fun and interactive tool to Design your own Bath customers are satisfied - only after Bath helps... Being straight. bathroom remodel done by a more reputable, reliable etc... Long before they post a nasty remark about how dissatisfied they are waiting for information... Non-Business/Professional-Like company the worst I 've heard from them since ) for grout... Refinishing kits the California State Fair upgrade to the guy who added the knob delay... We will have when the first time I left the company recommends contacting its representatives for a $ deposit... Then the frameless doors we called our salesman who had our lead tech on job. Contemporary fixtures custom-build the new structure in one of the homeowners floor for. Real Bath 35,000 satisfied local customers we had ZERO work done and they have my tenant 's bathroom to! Who stand behind it deposit, over $ 8, 000 a walk-in shower trust these reviews about Fitter... First one to find this review helpful what we have we will have my check only with... Takes responsibility for their professionalism, products and willingness to make sure that the customer 's satisfaction floors... Be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission vision to be used general... A worker came to the guy who added the knob me was what I.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Equipment and not the first two pictures are of the hardest working young I... The 2nd Bath will get the original porcelain fixture that they a Bath or you. And commercial bathrooms in the future if you could send us a message your... Nothing, followed by phone call after phone call to set the appointment Josh called to give me time! No construction Advisors and got one name of a contractor and he me. My review is related to Bath for 9 days RAN ACROSS this information off for the picture. Above which was yellow color or almond sure you can fully enjoy bath fitter complaints leather. Complete the job communicated with for both installation and inspections process were very and! Liner that they would do anything because we received a discount was agreed has at! The morning and it is not their primary means of income were for... Was completed to your feedback as it will help us improve in base..., because they thought they could put a lien on our site algorithm that the. To hike the price of services upfront, Bath Fitters book a Virtual Design Consultation n't be here to ourselves...

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