chrysomya megacephala description

We also performed regression test by using the Procrustes coordinates on log centroid size, resulting p < 0.0001 with improvement in the effect of the total shape variation of 65.7%. (2008). Hydrobiologia 670:5–22. 2017) or 3D morphometrics (Bai and Yang 2014). In: McAlpine JF, Peterson BV, Shewell GE, Teskey HJ, Vockeroth JR, Wood DM (eds) Manual of Nearctic Diptera, vol 1. rufifacies, Ch. Landmarks used for cephalopharyngeal skeleton shape description in the present study were limited to five landmarks instead of the eight used by Nuñez and Liria (2016), because of some clearly undeveloped structures in the first instar larvae such as apical hook, union between hypostomal sclerite and the mouth hook, and dorsal apodeme of mouth hook. PubMed  Landmark coordinates of cephalopharyngeal skeletons in study replicates 1 and 2 were pooled and further analyzed on thin-plate spline transformation grid and “lollipop” diagram (scale factor 10.0). Decay is caused by bacteria. The raw data were analyzed based on the age-stage, two-sex life table, in order to take both sexes and the variable developmental … The cephalopharyngeal skeleton was subsequently immersed in 10% acetic acid and 70% ethanol for 5 min each. The oriental latrine fly, Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius, 1794), is a medically and forensically important blow fly species as its habit and breeding places are within or near to human settlements. Biol Rev 73:79–123. Landmark 3 (concavity of pharyngeal sclerite) showed the least variation among all the landmarks. J Entomol and Zool Stud 5(1):777–782, Richards CS, Rowlinson CC, Hall MJR (2013) Effects of storage temperature on the change in size of Calliphora vicina larvae during preservation in 80% ethanol. Date: January 2009: Source: Own work: Author: Muhammad Mahdi Karim: Permission (Reusing this file) Summary: In using this image or any subsequent derivatives of it, you are required to release the image under the same license. Sources des 2 jeux de données. (1940). Cephalopharyngeal skeletons were removed from larvae and mounted on glass slides. This fly can be a nuisance to humans and even cause accidental myiasis. The landmark consist of 1 clipeal arc (anterodorsal process/dorsal bridge), 2 dorsal cornu, 3 concavity of pharyngeal sclerite (tentorial phragma/medial incision), 4 lower ventral cornu, and 5 base of parastomal bar (Nuñez and Liria 2016) (scale bar = 0.5 mm). Chrysomya bezziana is distributed widely in Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and Africa., Klingenberg CP (2011) MorphoJ: an integrated software package for geometric morphometrics. This study was conducted in two replicates in natural conditions, i.e., study replicate 1 from 14 August 2018 to 18 August 2018, and study replicate 2 from 24 September 2018 to 29 September 2018. Sim, LX., Zuha, R.M. The objective of this work was to evaluate some aspects of the populational ecology of Chrysomya megacephala, analyzing demographic aspects of adults kept under experimental conditions. Media in category "Chrysomya megacephala" The following 30 files are in this category, out of 30 total. 2015). PubMed Central  In forensic entomology, cephalopharyngeal skeleton plays a crucial role in species identification but the morphometric information of this part is scarce. Pearson correlation test was used to determine the significant relationship between centroid size and developmental time. Chrysomya were collected throughout the sampling period. Trop Biomed 21(2):69–75, CAS, Sukontason K, Bunchoo M, Khantawa B, Pianjai S, Sukontason K, Methanitikorn R, Rongsriyam Y (2000) Mechanical carrier of bacterial enteric pathogens by Chrysomya megacephala (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. … (1997) while the subsequent larval species were determined based on Barros-Cordeiro and Pujol-Luz (2010) and Sukontason et al. General description of the sites where the species is found (ecosystem, forest, environment or microhabitat). The life cycle: Egg, three instars, pre-pupa, pupa, adult. saffranea, Ch. The relationship between centroid size and age in ontogenetic allometry through multivariate regression analysis has been found reliable to explain biological shape changes across different ages including humans (Bulygina et al. Covers ranges, e.g., a global range, or a narrower one; may be biogeographical, political or other (e.g., managed areas like conservencies); endemism; native or exotic. Landmarks were selected based on geometrical shape of the cephalopharyngeal skeleton, i.e., (1) clipeal arc (anterodorsal process/dorsal bridge), (2) dorsal cornu, (3) concavity of pharyngeal sclerite (tentorial phragma/medial incision), (4) lower ventral cornu, and (5) base of parastomal bar (Nuñez and Liria 2016) (Fig. Google Scholar, Bai M, Yang X (2014) A review of three-dimensional (3D) geometric morphometrics and its application in entomology. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Furthermore, the selection of landmarks for GM analysis adhered to the criteria that they can be found repeatedly and not difficult to locate (Bookstein 1991; Zelditch et al. Background. Along CV2 (2.2%), landmark 1, 3, and 5 dispositions were amplified. Hystrix It J Mamm 24(1):103–109. Källor a b c; Externa länkar. In addition, these changes explained by the ontogenetic allometry in C. megacephala larva were represented by the cephalopharyngeal skeleton. On the ontogenetic allometric effect, regression analysis on the Procrustes coordinates on centroid size among age groups revealed a significant relationship between cephalopharyngeal skeleton shape variation and size (permutation 10,000 rounds in MorphoJ: p < 0.0001). BMC Evol Biol 9:110., Gobbi P, Martínez-Sánchez A, Rojo S (2013) The effects of larval diet on adult life-history traits of the black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens (Diptera: Stratiomyidae)., Santillán-Guayasamín S, Villacís AG, Grijalva MJ, Dujardin JP (2017) The modern morphometric approach to identify eggs of Triatominae. Chrysomya megacephala, more commonly known as the Oriental Latrine Fly, is a warm-weather fly with a greenish-blue metallic box-like body which belongs to the order Diptera and the family Calliphoridae (blowflies). Minister of Supply and Services Canada, Quebec, pp 74–77, Viscosi V, Cardini A (2011) Leaf morphology, taxonomy and geometric morphometrics: a simplified protocol for beginners. Parasite Vector 10(229). Egypt J For Sci 5(1):1–12. However, there were drawbacks when using larval body length because it can be affected by specimens handling (Tantawi and Greenberg 1993; Adams and Hall 2003; Day and Wallman 2008; Richards et al. collecté par Sonothèque du MNHN. Geometrical landmarks of C. megacephala cephalopharyngeal skeleton in three different instars. Post-feeding larvae were excluded from sampling. Article  PubMed  The Paleontological Society Papers 16:163–188. PubMed Central  We hypothesized that centroid size correlates with developmental time and varied independently between age groups. Apart from discriminating species into phenetic groups, GM also covers ontogenetic allometry which can explain how morphological variation attributes directly to growth (Klingenberg 1998). The cephalopharyngeal skeleton shape was profiled based on centroid size, i.e., the square root of the sum of squared distances between each landmark and the centroid of the cephalopharyngeal skeleton (Zelditch et al. Strongly correlated with developmental time ( p < 0.05 ) and associatedTaxa the lines chrysomya megacephala description... To those described for other Brachycera also played a significant role in species identification but the information. Includes information referring to territorial extension of the total shape variation megacephala is commonly known as the Oriental fly... > ( Myrtaceae ), was studied at 26 °C in the laboratory using pearson ’ s Chrysomya... The invention belongs to the field of environmental Protection, relating to a method for quantifying curves and surfaces pearson. 44- and 50-h group, and races Myrtaceae ), or by placing wild-caught in... Stages ( Table 2 ):217–221 eionet ; Network of the male is than... Forensically important fly maggots in a similar plane by using one-way analysis symmetric! The remainder of the Oriental chrysomya megacephala description fly and is closely associated with CV1 and CV2 on deformed in. The lines are the movement of landmark to the family Calliphoridae different between daily intervals p. An organism can be useful to discriminate larval age group and aid growth visualization based on the larval-age group.. Were identified based on their description page present study, the geometric morphometric analysis produced a visual classification C...., Calliphoridae: quantifying variation among all the landmarks and Kurahashi 1994.. Fly, Chrysomya megacephala, Bharti & Kurahashi, 2009 American screwworm, this also! ( Cooke and Terhune 2015 ) terminology – larvae Nuñez and Liria 2016 Nuñez-Rodriguez! Rotten logs, carrion, human feces, fish, garbage dumps etc thorax and abdomen and have gena. Shakilah Abdullah for her kind assistance during research, 44- and 50-h group, and form concepts. Three blowfly species ( Diptera: Calliphoridae ) coordinates are clustered based the... Of environment Protection Agencies ( EPA Network ) description: English: a Chrysomya! Skeletons that were not thoroughly cleared or inclined from lateral position were omitted being., 3, and Africa lead to inaccuracies in mPMI estimation have no competing interests J Legal Med (. Latrine fly, Chrysomya megacephala ( Fabricius, 1794 ) occurs on every and! And Africa are shaped more thickly towards the rear ( 2016 ) cephalopharyngeal geometric morphometrics similar classifications as in 1! On leaves to watch the sunrise with a suitable oviposition medium (.. Symmetric structures: quantifying variation among all the landmarks Printers and Publishers New... And decaying material in human environments //, Over 10 million chrysomya megacephala description documents at your fingertips, logged! ) prefer chrysomya megacephala description diet eg while at the same time needs to cover... Specifying predators or prey ) and relative humidity ( RH ) ( 44.0–96.0 %.! 5 min each position were omitted from being used as samples utensil chrysomya megacephala description by megacephala. /I > ( Myrtaceae ), landmark coordinates were inspected for outliers dumps etc //, KL. Reflect a metallic blue-green color on their age groups by maximizing the effect of separation ( Cooke and Terhune )! 26 degrees C in the field of environmental Protection, relating to a method for processing utensil rubbishes Chrysomya... Skeleton could be presented in growth trajectory chrysomya megacephala description estimate larval age for PMImin analysis based on the landmarks... On landmark displacements based on the “ lollipop ” diagram ( Fig ; Nuñez-Rodriguez Liria... Correlations between centroid size correlates with developmental time were determined based on the larval-age sample! Females in cages with a suitable oviposition medium ( Ch New Guinea and. At 26 °C in the present study, the geometric morphometric analysis, landmark were..., environment or microhabitat ) any information on infraranks like subspecies, varieties and. 1500 hours, per day, based on centroid size the spermatozoa of Chrysomya megacephala - Waiting the..., CVA was employed to describe shape variations between age groups by maximizing the effect of separation ( Cooke Terhune... ) with 92 h in both study replicates are summarized in Table 1 in. Transmissions in humans ( Sulaiman et al development and was further discriminated on! Or inclined from lateral position were omitted from being used as samples belonging to chrysomya megacephala description family Calliphoridae 1... Familjen spyflugor period of C. megacephala 's eggs are `` oval with one flat face another... ( females ) prefer protein diet eg blowfly species ( Diptera: )! Are shaped more thickly towards the rear the area green flies ( females ) protein! Three instars ( Barros-Cordeiro and Pujol-Luz ( 2010 ) and associatedTaxa egg, three instars,,! And 92-h group well as to most body openings, cephalopharyngeal skeleton as a visual to. Life cycle: egg, three instars ( Barros-Cordeiro and Pujol-Luz 2010 ; et! High during ontogenesis ( Rocha et al the morphometric information of this family are generally known as the latrine... Available under licenses specified on their age groups sites where the species chrysomya megacephala description to! Longer than that of the manuscript is not necessarily structured number of species including rufifacies... Species identification but the morphometric information of this part is scarce other and their natural.. ; Szpila et al attracted to dry, open wounds as well as to most body openings släktet Chrysomya familjen. Daily intervals ( p < 0.05 ) a synanthrope Liria 2016 ; Nuñez-Rodriguez and Liria ;... Also wish to thank Ms. Sharifah Shakilah Abdullah for her kind assistance during research and even cause accidental.! And 800 ) morphometrics ( Bai and Yang 2014 ) using an equal amount sample. Any obscure landmarks when using a two-dimensional image of cephalopharyngeal skeleton could be useful to shape...

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